Data Preparation

Data wrangling, data loading and data aggregations in preparation for downstream workloads

Business Intelligence

Clear accurate reporting and visualization of organizational data and key performance indicators

Data Science

Innovative AI and ML solutions deployed by our experts guarantee increased organizational profits

Greenplum Consulting

Maximize the value of data in Greenplum with expert services from A42's data science team.

A42 Labs offers a full suite of services for Greenplum analytics needs including ETL, data audits, insight discovery and end-to-end ML modeling.

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Services Packages

BI Reporting

Business Intelligence

Timely metrics and insights are crutial for all businesses, our BI package can offer you all the necessary services to stay on top of reporting needs.

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Greenplum Business Cases

Expert Greenplum Data Science Support

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Apache MADlib Machine Learning

Business intelligence & data science at scale

Work with the A42 team to capture the full value of the data in Greenplum. Learn the patterns and approaches for effectively using Apache MADlib and other Greenplum add-ons such as PL/Python, PL/R, GPText and PostGIS.

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